Judges’ Top Tips

Emily Van Lierop | Global Head of Digital Operations, Volkswagen at PHD

  1. You have to be in it to win it. Many previous award winners have submitted strong work that wasn’t necessarily ground-breaking, but just really well thought out or executed. So take a leap and enter – especially after the year that was 2020 where just staying afloat for many was a strong achievement.
  2. Every section counts. It’s heart breaking when a strong entry is marked down because they skipped/briefly completed a seemingly less important section – stick to the word count, but make every section work towards your story.
  3. Make sure your results match your objectives. Often the objective will state one KPI, but results listed against another which makes it hard to judge the success of the activity. Ensure the goals set out in the beginning of the entry are measured in the results section.

And a 4th bonus one 😊

Pick your categories wisely. Some like ‘Best PPC campaign’ or ‘Best use of data’ type categories are usually flooded with entries, but some of the more obscure topics have fewer entries, which increases your chances hugely.