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Dinetix as a finalist for Best travel/leisure campaign of the year

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Published Date 19.07.2023

Dinetix, a performance marketing agency based in Slovenia, is thrilled to announce that we have reached the final round of the European Paid Media Awards in the category of Best Travel/Leisure Campaign of the Year. As an award-winning agency, we specialize in providing comprehensive services that empower lead generation and e-commerce businesses to stand out.

Who is Dinetix?

We are a boutique performance marketing agency that focuses on building personal connections with our clients. Rather than taking on a large number of clients, we prefer to work closely with a select few, allowing us to establish strong partnerships. Our clients often describe us as partners rather than just an agency that handles their marketing budget, and we take great pride in that. Our mission is to make a significant difference in our clients’ businesses through our unique methodology, extensive experience, and broad knowledge and competencies.

Our emphasis on building and nurturing strong relationships with our clients enables us to quickly adapt to various marketing challenges. We thrive on complex tasks and cases that push us to excel.

Our Best Travel/Leisure Campaign of the Year

In March 2023, we launched a project for one of our clients in the travel/leisure niche, which concluded successfully in May 2023. The campaign achieved an exceptional Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 924.30%, while our Google Ads Performance Max campaign boasted an outstanding Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 12.03%. What makes this campaign particularly noteworthy is the innovative approach we took, which was new for our client and presented its own set of challenges.

How Did We Do It?

Our process began with a meticulous identification of the target persona, aligning perfectly with our ideal customer. We then developed a comprehensive strategy to effectively target this persona. Rather than adopting traditional promotional methods, we chose a non-traditional approach focused on providing value to our persona rather than solely advertising offers. To achieve this, we created a blog post addressing the persona’s deepest challenges and offering our client’s solutions.

Our campaign employed a Performance Max campaign on Google Ads, as well as diverse ad sets, various ad copies, and creative visuals on Facebook and Instagram for push and remarketing campaigns. We combined visually appealing creatives that resonated with our target persona with unique ad copies crafted in a personalized style and tone of communication, emphasizing a pain-solution approach.

Throughout the process, we encountered and successfully resolved two main challenges. The first involved introducing this new advertising approach to our client, who had not previously tested such methods. We aimed for a non-selling version of the ads, focusing on providing valuable content that demonstrated our client’s understanding of the persona’s pain points and challenges. After numerous meetings, discussions, analyses, and research, we initiated a testing phase that yielded excellent results, allowing us to proceed with the campaign.

The second challenge arose from occasional rejections of our ads due to our client’s offers centering around pools and spas, which sometimes conflicted with the algorithm’s requirements. However, we managed to overcome these obstacles without major setbacks and successfully concluded the campaign with impressive results that we are very proud of.

We are deeply honoured to be nominated for the Best Travel/Leisure Campaign of the Year award. »This recognition means a great deal to us as a team, as it validates our hard work and dedication. It also acknowledges us as a team of motivated and highly experienced marketing managers whose primary goal is to deliver results to clients while fostering meaningful relationships. If we win the award, we plan to celebrate by taking some well-deserved time off in our client’s spa!«

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