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Springbok Agency Shortlisted for European Paid Media Award

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Published Date 31.07.2023

We are a digital and creative agency for positive growth. Growth is what we deliver to our employees and clients. Positive is our mindset for ourselves and for the planet. Springbok delivers value with purpose, creativity and technology. Creative is not a department but a mindset that leads all of us. We care about meaning, quality and integrity in our work above all else. Tech and strategy are in our DNA. We believe the road to world-class work is through a rigorous strategy that has clear and measurable objectives and is rooted in the brand’s purpose.

We offer deep expertise connected by data. Springbok provides expertise on strategy, content, data, marketing automation, advertising and brand identity. We unburden our clients by being plug-and-play in their marketing ecosystem.

Location-based Advertising

For our client, we achieved structural growth due to a fully automated location-based advertising strategy. Partou has more than 300 childcare locations in the Netherlands which took a lot of time to manage manually. Next to that, we aimed to spend the budget efficiently by investing as little as possible as locations suffered from a staff shortage or reached their capacity, as this would prolong the waiting list for new clients. In collaboration with Partou our advertising consultant Joël Lopulalan invented an automated strategy that perfectly aligned the needs of the client.

By using page feeds based on the website and the connection with Google My Business, we automatically added new locations to the ongoing acquisition campaigns or excluded full locations without loss of performance. In this way, our advertisements would be up-to-date and tailored to the right childcare locations and audiences at all times. By doing this we halved campaign management costs, which we could invest in media spend and realised a uplift of 10% uplift in yearly performance.

It’s the collaboration between Partou and Springbok, the smart adaptation of the campaigns based on location availability, and thereby achieving maximum results, that makes this case award-worthy. This solution aligns well with Partou’s business challenge, where staff shortages have a significant impact on availability.

The approach is also deployable for all brands with a lot of locations in a specific region or around the world with variable stock or availability. If you are interested in more information or want to collaborate with us, please contact us on our website or socials.

Testimonial of the client:

“This new setup has helped us in managing our advertising budgets more effectively and diversifying our advertising strategy to meet local needs.”






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